value myth’s


Bill (L) – Did you hear about obama’s new plan to raise taxes to pay off some money on the national dept?

Ted (C) – Yeah I heard about it, and don’t think we should raise taxes to pay for that.

Bill (L) – That’s because your a conserative, and would disagree with anything he said.

Ted (C) – Well yes I would be I have strong points to disagree with it.

Bill (L) – They would be?

Ted (C) – Where is the money going?

Bill (L) – The dept i told you its going to help pay some off.

Ted (C) – Are you sure about that all that money is going to that, I don’t think so, I’m sure some will go towards campaign money, and retreats. Isn’t that what the excutives at GM did when they got the money for their bailout?

Bill (L) – Well thats different.

Ted (C) – How? Last year millions were wasted on things such as expired air plane tickets not used by the government, retreats and spa’s, and research that was pointless. For once let’s stop thinking about ourself’s and start thinking about the people for once.

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