Value Myths (Same Sex Marriages)


Being a liberal is having an open mind or a broad point of view. Liberals are more excepting to change and different ideas.

Being a conservative is being reluctant to change. They take a more traditional outlook on ideas.



Lib: I think same sex marriages should be allowed in the United States. Don’t you agree?

Con: No! God made Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve. Women were created to be the wives of men and vice-versa.

Lib: But all people are the same, they shouldn’t be discriminated against because they choose to be homosexual. We are all equal.

Con: We are all equal but it’s a sin to be gay and to promote gay marriages in the United States is saying sinning is okay to do.

Lib: How would you feel if people denied you of a marriage to the one you love because of their gender?

Con: It doesn’t really matter because I would never date someone of my same sex. And even if I was to do that, I would just have to expect not being allowed to get married, it’s the law and I wouldn’t force changing that. Gay people should be aware of their restrictions and just except it.

One Response to “Value Myths (Same Sex Marriages)”

  1. lmaple2013 Says:

    I think this is an accurate portrayal of the conversation that would go on. On this issue, I am more likely to go with the conservative view because although I know some people are attracted to only people of their same sex, I do feel like marriage should be saved for how God intended it to be. I think there should be alternatives for gay couples but not traditional marriage. Kudos to you for doing your paper on this subject because it is such a sensitive subject to talk about!

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