Value Myths (Prostitution)


Liberal means the way in which people think is more carefree. People should have more control over what they say and do. For instance, a liberal will agree that abortion and gay marriage should be legal. Liberal is a more willingness to be open to change.

Conservative means just that. It is a view taken towards the safer more traditional side. They see things as needing to stay the same because that is how things have always been.

Liberal: Prostitution should be legalized because a person is going to do whatever he or she wants with their body, so why not make it safer for them?

Conservative: Prostitution is a low and criminal act and we as a country would be irresponsible to condone those acts by legalizing them.

Liberal: But is it not in our responsibility to protect the people of the U.S.A.? It is not a pretty career; however people do make a career out of it. There are also many benefits to legalizing prostitution. It could be done in a way that allows people to prostitute themselves, but anyone who accepts can be arrested and tried criminally. That way regulations can be put in place to keep the job safer for the prostitutes and taxes could be placed, yet the criminal act of it could be countered. After all, the prostitutes are the victims in this situation.

Conservative: How can you fairly place legal restrictions on one half of the industry? It seems unfair and sexual targetting since most of the people buy sex are males.

Liberal: So you are willing to just let these women put themselves in danger consistently even though we have a power to stop it?

Conservative: No, I am saying that if prostitution is legalized it should be done in a way that makes it fair to all parties involved.

As for me, I tend to agree with the liberal. Prostitution is going to happen whether or not it is regulated. So why not legalize it so it can be regulated? It is the responsibility of the government to look out for all  people no matter what their job is or their social standing.


One Response to “Value Myths (Prostitution)”

  1. lmaple2013 Says:

    I agree with this post. On this subject I do agree with the liberal view. If we legalize prostitution then it would be safer for everyone involved because there would be laws to protect prostitues and regulate it.

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