Value Myths Dialogue


Con- “Abortion in this country is a growing moral issue.  I believe government intervention is needed to stop this abomination.”

Lib- “Since when is having a choice an abomination.  People have a choice to do what they want with their own things.  No one should have the power to take away our freedoms in a country founded on freedom.”

Con- “This country was founded on freedom from the tyranny of the Church of England.  We came here to set up new religious posts.  To create our own church that would have its own values and its people to stand by those values.  One being that of murder.”

Lib- “This country was founded on freedom of religion.  We can choose to worship what we want.  We can even choose not to worship anything.  I believe whether a child is alive or not should be based on the the opinion of the mother of the child.  No government official has the right to say what a mother can do with her child.  Especially in cases of rape.”

Con-  “I do agree with that.   I am not saying abolish abortion completely.  Rape cases are the exception.  No one should be forced to keep an unplanned baby.”

Lib- “At least we can agree on that.”

Con- “This debate could go on forever and most likely will continue throughout future generations to come.”


2 Responses to “Value Myths Dialogue”

  1. jacjones5 Says:

    I agree with this because i am a conservative but i am pro choice. I feel that it is the persons right to have a choice no matter what. I’m not saying that i am FOR abortion, but it is none of my business what anyone else does with their lives. Freedom is having the right to choose.

  2. dbretern Says:

    I also agree, I am conservative as well and I also feel that everybody should have their own choice. Most of the people that want to get an abortion don’t want the baby for some logical reason, such like a rape incident or an accident. I think people should definitely have the right to decide whether or not to abort a baby. Like Jacjones5 said, freedom is having the right to choose, I couldn’t agree more.

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