Conservative Vs. Liberal on “War on Terror”


Con- “I think we should keep the troops in Iraq because we need to protect the people of Iraq. It is our responsibilty as fellow men to support them. Also it was our fault in the first place that the terrorists have the weapons that they do.

Lib- “Are you serious? I mean sure it was our fault but we need to move on and think about ourselves first. These are our kids and teenagers and son and daughters that we are talking about and as americans we need to protect them first.”

Con- “Yeah but this is more than american people, we are talking about saving lives in general. If by staying in Iraq we have less people overall dying everyday than we are better off than having a few americans die.”

Lib- “No. Those people dont even care about us. they would rather die from terrorists than have us “Help” them. we are nothing but a joke and in the way of progress.”

Con- “You also have to see that we are protecting them by helping them practice religion freely and walk outside without feeling endangered.”

Lib- “Maybe but we are still more in the way than we are any good.”


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