Connie the Conservative vs. Libby the Liberal: “The Healthcare Debate”


Connie: “Why in the world would Obama and his liberal Congress want to push a bill that included nationalized healthcare?

Libby: “Well, everyone would receive healthcare!”

Connie: “But at the expense of all taxpayers. On one hand, taxes will increase in order to pay for such an overhaul of healthcare. Second, the quality of healthcare would decrease, because doctors would not be paid as much.”

Libby: “I think doctors would do their jobs no matter what they were paid. And I don’t think the quality of healthcare would decrease, but rather increase, because more people were being helped.”

Connie: “What about losing private health insurance! We wouldn’t be able to choose our own policy. Everyone would have the same policy.”

Libby: “Of course we would not. Obama has promised that we would be able to keep our current plan, along with the nationalized plan.”

Connie: “That is false. If there is no competition within private insurance companies, they will all go out of business, because many will leave their current plan for the nationalized plan, leaving my family with crappy healthcare.”

Libby: “You’re an opinionated racist.”

Connie: “Pssh, girl, you don’t know whatchu talkin’ bout.”

2 Responses to “Connie the Conservative vs. Libby the Liberal: “The Healthcare Debate””

  1. dbretern Says:

    Gotta love the racist card. I like this one because this is one of the political topics I actually know something about. It’s a rather accurate argument seeing as a typical conservative will use more facts in a political argument than a liberal would. Speaking of accuracy, that closing argument was epic.

  2. carsonbowers Says:

    This is a very realistic argument between differing sides. I like how you used the racist comment as well. I really agree with your view of Obama’s healthcare plan. Nationalized healthcare would give the government the choice to give medicine or care to some and then refuse it to others. That is obviously unfair and absurd.

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