Clothing Outwardly expresses the inner self


Although i don’t agree with immediately  and only judging someone based on what they are wearing, I do believe that what a person wears subconsciously expresses feelings on the inside of that person.  Usually without even knowing it, the clothes we choose to wear by day and our overall general style all reflect how we are feeling or the kind of personality we have or at least are an expression of some sort of inner feeling whether it’s conscious or not.  Clothing directly reflects the inner person but the variables are so complex it would be almost impossible to try and categorize someone accurately purely off of what they are wearing for one particular day. Very interesting topic.


One Response to “Clothing Outwardly expresses the inner self”

  1. dbretern Says:

    This is true, but this doesn’t pertain to the whole world. Clothing isn’t just entirely a fashion show, you also have to think about different regions such like India and Africa. Clothing is something that covers the skin for warmth. If we were just talking about America, I definitely agree. Different cliques such like preps, emos, burnouts, etc. dress similarly (generally) to show uniformity with their specific group; however, like you said, too many things define a person besides just clothing.

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