How clothing has changed throughout the years


If you ever look at older pictures of people back in the day, you will see that everyone looks very classy.  All the people from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s all seem to have been dressed very neat and classy.  All the girls would wear long beautiful dresses that covered up all their parts.  The guys all wore suits and looked very handsome.  These days, the dresses have gotten a lot shorter, a lot more revealing and a lot more colorful.  Now there were those hippies who would dress in different ways as well.  The guys these days don’t go out wearing coats and ties, but instead they wear dress shirts or polos.  When people would go to parties it would be nice formal dances where they would dress up.  Now girls wear skirts and tight shirts.  In conclusion, the clothing has changed throughout the years by getting more skimpy and revealing and less classy.


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