You are what you wear


We have all heard the saying “you are what you eat” but who are we kidding? The truth is that we are what we wear. We choose what we wear to express our personality, or to try to be someone we are not. When we choose our clothing because it’s comfortable, practical, or just something we like not based on anyone else’s opinion, we are expressing our personality. When we pick clothes because they are the most expensive, or have that little name or logo on them, or Seventeen magazine told us they were “cool” we are fooling no one but ourselves. Of course we can’t stop this because it is so mainstream, but honestly I don’t think we should stop it because it gives us the perfect opportunity to make first impressions. We automatically make an opinion of someone just by seeing how they are dressed. It is this concept that leads me to believe that we are, in fact, what we wear.


One Response to “You are what you wear”

  1. ddevgun Says:

    Yeah, I think so you’re very true. Although, we should not follow what’s written in fashion magazines because then we’ll not be ourselves and try to potrait what we want to become, young people like us have to follow the style in order to fit in the society.

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