Media Post


I have been getting more and more annoyed with the media nowadays that I hardly watch the news anymore except to see how my favorite sports teams are doing. I only really read the paper now because I am utterly disgusted with the decline of honesty in the television news. Advertisers have completely transformed the way media report news now. Any kind of publicity or news that will benefit the sponsors is what is reported. Not only that but propaganda has become more blatantly obvious. For instance, the clips we watched in class were so full of propaganda I did not believe a word of it. Yes, I would like to believe that every Iraqi American was happy to have Sadaam overthrown, but I have a hard time believing that every single Iraqi was thrilled. There are other very blatant instances of propaganda that are constantly out there. For instance, the news stations that cater to one political party or the other. It seems that the only thing they talk about is how wrong the other side is and how right their side is. I can not stand propaganda. It creates a brainwashed people, but even worse it creates cynics such as myself. I do not wish to be cynical and overly skeptic, but I have a hard time believing that everything is either all good or all bad. Life has too much gray area for subjects to be clear cut black and white.


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