Idea of Clothing


I believe that clothes play a large part in the way that people will judge someone.  There are so many different styles of clothing now days, that one can really express who they are.  Clothing separates young from old, boy from girl, conservative from showy, and rich from poor.  Clothing puts someone into certain groups or status’.  For example, the jock, the skater, the goth, and the nerd.  I feel that there is always a type of clothing these different groups of people wear.  And I think it will be like this for a long time.


2 Responses to “Idea of Clothing”

  1. chrisjohnson09 Says:

    but is this bad that we automatically judge someone by simply looking at them. Where is the old saying dont’ judge a book by its cover beacsue it is exactly what we are doing. Why can’t we learn to not judge or it it just human nature to be judgemental

  2. chrisread1990 Says:

    I agree with your point that we should not judge people by their clothing, but you cannot say that you don’t do it. It is human nature that the first thing you do is judge them by how they look or what they are wearing. It is not that you are sure that that is they way they are, but it is your first impression. This is why clothing is important because it is the first impression people get.

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