Classification Through What You Wear


A person’s cloths is as much a status symbol or classification tool as it is used in its basic use of warmth. There are millions of different brands out available that separate each person in to their own little category. A rich business man will wear an Armani or other expensive name brand suit while a less well off will wear an off brand. This goes the same for every¬†catagory including skater, fighter, prep, goth, ect . . . cloths are just a method of fitting into a category or a look. Any more in America the matter of having clothing to wear is no longer an issue so it now moves to what is stylish and where do i fit in.


2 Responses to “Classification Through What You Wear”

  1. meier72 Says:

    I believe that with the shallowness of the world today, it is all about your outward appearance. People believe that if you are wearing something it is directly representing your core beliefs and values. Then you are catagorized through these interpretations making you the same as others put in that catagory. Ridiculous. You would think that as we think deeper about life and the world around us that we would learn to look deeper into others before making false hypothisis.

  2. ddevgun Says:

    Well I do believe with what you’ve written to certain extent. By looking at what kind of brand a person’s wearing, we can find out how rich or poor that person is. Though its true, but I think clothes also represent many other aspects as well!

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