There was a quote in the movie that stuck to me, I don’t remember it word for word, but Vincent said something along the lines of how he wasn’t so certain as to how close he was to his goal until he was right beside it. I like this quote because it’s so true. It works with almost all of my goals, like college. I got accepted and everything, but then it seemed like only a couple weeks later when I was on the road… 

Anyways, for a topic actually related to the movie, I thought that the whole idea of genetical perfection is indeed possible, but not at all likely to happen. In my mind, if it were to happen, it would change the definition of humanity. There was another quote by Vincent, I think, where he said “there is no gene for fate”. This is true, as it is for many other things like luck, love, etc. It would also get very political and controversial, obviously, just like that of stem cell research. I could see it maybe happening to treat those with disabilities, but not to create a perfect child. It would cause a ruckus.


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