The Life of a Gattacan


I think that the movie “Gattaca” creates its own sort of society, in which, the near perfect are employed, and the rest of the population is left to fight for survival. However, while candidates might not be mentally qualified for positions, it seems that only physical attributes matter throughout the process.

The thought of having to prick my finger every time I entered a workplace is frightening. If the United States ever adopted such a policy, I would be more than ready to move out of the country. This security measure shows a blatant lack of trust in our our military and police force and exemplifies an extreme fear of terrorism/intrusion. While security keycards can be technologically troublesome at times, they are more than adequate for workplaces of today.

I think that we live in the greatest country of all time. Our imperfections help to make America exciting, humorous, and fun. Perfection is unnecessary. Our best efforts, however, are always appreciated šŸ™‚


One Response to “The Life of a Gattacan”

  1. mrueter1 Says:

    I agree with the statement about it being terrifying if the US were to adopt a procedure of finger-pricking before entrance to work. It would show a blatant lack of trust in every citizen or military person. However, I do not agree with the statement that the United States is the best country of all time. I do not think we can be compared with Roman or Greek dynasties. We are not nearly as old as they were once they started having problems. I do not deny the fact that we are more advanced than any other country; however, I feel we still have a lot of growing up to do before we can be considered one of the best countries of all time. Also I think it is more accurate to say that our imperfections make us normal rather elevate us to a higher status in this world.

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