Gattaca depicts how men create technology to act as god. They can manipulate DNA to create the super humans. The Nazi’s did the same thing, they wanted the perfect human. It wasn’t right then and it won’t be right in the future.  Gattaca uses the four main letters that are the base sequence for DNA. Guanine, Adenosine, Thymine, and Cytosine are the bases for all DNA.  Without these four bases, life as we know would not exist. In the end Vincent proves that it doesn’t matter if you’re born by natural birth, or by genetic enhancement you can do whatever you put your mind to.


One Response to “Gattaca”

  1. chrisread1990 Says:

    You make an excellent point. The Nazis wanted to make their perfect society by having only people like them. They wanted the typical white blue eyes blonde hair people. So they just killed off the rest of them. That isn’t what they do in Gattaca but it is the same basic idea to exclude those that are not perfect in their eyes.

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