I really agree with the fact that Gattaca brings out the point of the naturalness of disability. Really, in order to have the perfect person you have to construct his or her genes from the best possible ones of the parents. Natural birth is seen as disabled. If we can reflect on how we see disabled people they are really just like you and me. Its the same concept with my film critique, I talked about how Edward Scissorhands was judged because of his diability when in reality his heart and innocence proved to be true and sensitive throughout the film.

The only way I would agree with genetic modifications and technologies to this nature would be if equalities were in place. Social and socioeconomic, and many other factors could not play apart in this genetically created world perhaps.  Why wouldn’t the creation of a completely healthy child be possible. I would want my child to be the best that they could possibly be.

in an essence if nature gives us the tools to genetically create the best person possible with our genes how can that be a fault? It is because of advancements in human minds that we have the inventions and things we have today. Incredibly smart people aren’t considered normal they are considered geniuses why wouldn’t we want a world of geniuses the possibilities and advancements of humans would be limitless.


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