Playing God


Can we really see ourselves in the future trying to defy every natural process including altering the very thing that makes up ourselves. Honestly the whole movie is a long shot because first of all the research and capabilities are not yet developed, which could change in time, but also there are too many political groups that would ban such a process. If you think abortion and gay rights are a heated topic the issues of genetic engineering would dwarf those by far. Though it has promising possibilities it would never come to be and it is like trying to play God.


3 Responses to “Playing God”

  1. carsonbowers Says:

    I really agree with your comparisons of abortion and gay rights with genetic engineering. It is a topic that has flown under the radar only because of its lack of research. I agree that the idea is extremely promising, but playing God isn’t exactly the most ethical ideal.

  2. meier72 Says:

    true true. Too many people are all for natural selection instead of making babies scientifically. I think also if we could engineer people, we would end up destroying our race faster than we already are. Mentally we would kill each other. Violence would be more than ever because now it’s not over just physical gain but phsycological.

  3. dbretern Says:

    This is definitely true. So many things would be against this including political bodies and religion. This new topic would make gay rights, stem cell research, and abortion look like a minor issue. Also, if it were possible to engineer the way a person is to live his life, that would cut out everything interesting in life, such like choices and destiny. I’m glad I won’t be around if/when this happens.

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