I liked this movie.  I felt that it sent a good message against DNA modification.  It showed what can happen to a “God made” child if we could genetically modify our children.  If we ever could develop the right technology to genetically modify an embryo, I would be against it.  I think that leaving things to chance is a part of life, and you should accept and love what you get no matter what.  People are made the way they are for a reason and I don’t think that humans should be able to drastically change that.  Yes I accept medicine for diseases, and physical therapy for the crippled, but I would not endorse and change before the birth even happens.


One Response to “Gattica”

  1. meier72 Says:

    I think most people would be against it right now. But the problem is that as we become more advanced and the next generation of people rise after us, it will be with more open minds. Things may change and we may end up with a serious change and problem on our hands due to ignorance and technology.

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