Futuristic Flaws


The idea of engineering a child is actually the reason that I was unsure about this film. Although it is possibly an advantage to be able to ensure a healthy child, it is ridiculous when by taking the chance on a natural child and producing a healthy child, that the child be unable to mix with the mainstream “test tube babies.” I believe that if  we’ve gotten this far with natural births, then why do we need to change the system? With the technology that we have now, we are able to tell if a child will have less than an enjoyable life to give the parents the option of abortion. This techonology should be good enough to not need to ensure the “perfect child.” The ideas that Gattaca suggests are ludicrous and slightly upsetting that the issue of natural born children not having a chance in the world is even a possiblility.


One Response to “Futuristic Flaws”

  1. johns434 Says:

    I really agree with this statement it does seem kind of odd that a natural born child would not be able to mix with a genetically engineered child. What I can also see is that when you think about it people place prejudices on people that are different with them this is the same that a child in a wheel chair or a child with down’s syndrome would have an extremely hard time mixing with the normal children. They would go through some of the same struggles as vincent. The idea of a completely healthy child is appealing there is just way to many politics and restrictions and ethic standards that would have to be in place that are virtually impossible to establish at this point.

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