Memoirs of a Geisha Movie Quote


Chairman “None of us find as much happiness in this life as we should.”
          We take things for granted so easily and we’re never satisfied with what we’re given. The simple things in life seem to go right over our heads and we don’t appreciate them until they’re gone. When we’re young we want to grow up, and as we age we want to be young again. Instead of living in the present, we look towards the future.  My grandparents lived in Vincennes, one of the most boring towns I think I’ve ever been to. I would go to their house and be bored out of my mind; I just couldn’t wait for the weekend to be over so I didn’t have to stay their anymore. However, they died when I was a freshman. I would give anything to go back in time to just have one more embrace, one more laugh, and another “I love you”.  If only I had enjoyed my time with them more instead of dreading it,  I wouldn’t have just made my life easier, I also would’ve made them happier as well.

2 Responses to “Memoirs of a Geisha Movie Quote”

  1. mrueter1 Says:

    As sad as this quote and analysis are, they are very true. I find myself sometimes wishing that a day will be over or that something will come more quickly (like the weekend), but then I try to remember to just be glad to be in the moment and appreciate the little things. It is a lot easier said than done because we are so used to wishing for more. There is nothing wrong with wishing unless you are wishing so hard you are not appreciating what is right in front of you in the present.

  2. adammo0230 Says:

    I agree with what is said here. That’s a good observation about the not living in the present and no matter what point in our lives we are at, we look to another. I see this in a smaller scale as well in the seasons. People will say they can’t wait for christmas and the family feel of winter when it’s summer and then complain about the cold and say they can’t wait for summer when its Christmas! Looking forward to other things is all fine and well but i do agree that people never stop to appreciate what’s right now.

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