Memoirs of Geisha :Quote


A story like mine should never be told. For my world is as forbidden as it is fragile; without its mysteries it cannot survive

This dialogue is said by Sayuri the lead actress, who narrates her story. She talks about the Geisha society in the above lines.

The world of Geishas should never be displayed, because of its fragility against society’s presumptions pertaining to a women’s role in it (society). As they are usually well groomed and surrounded by men, an observer might think of them as prostitutes. But the reality is that, the Geishas never marry nor sell their body like prostitutes but, spend their lives single as entertainers at social gatherings. This is what makes a Geisha mysterious, as they appear to be prostitutes/bar dancers but are merely entertainers who sell their art and not their body. Also, unlike a prostitute they don’t have a choice because, they are sold by their poor families and work as a Geisha to pay back the debt they to their owner. According to me,  Sayuri tells her story because, she was able to come out of the Geisha’s world as she had found a life partner (Watanabe or the chairman) or may be to reveal a Geisha’s real life and break the conventional image of Geisha as a prostitute.


2 Responses to “Memoirs of Geisha :Quote”

  1. chherin Says:

    I don’t completely agree with the idea that geisha’s aren’t prostitutes. They live their lives having sex with people for money. Just because geishas don’t stand on a street corner saying “Hey baby you up for a go?”, doesn’t make them any better than the average prostitute.

  2. meier1 Says:

    I think that the geisha world is too secretive and that the secrets hold back people from being individuals

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