Eye Opening


I thought the movie gave a new and eye opening view of the way the world works outside of the United States. One main theme during the movie that continually brought pity from the audience was a level of pity for Sayuri. Even though things started to look up for her she was still trapped in an unforgivable world with no place to go. She was forced to follow a path that was not her own regardless of how she hated it. It was the way Sayuri reacted to her situation that kept viewers interested and in tune with the movie.
Another thing that really caught my attention was how geishas are portrayed in the world. They are like prizes for men to do with what they want. They are also seen as the most idolized women in the Chinese culture however. They are beautiful and flawless and grasp the most wealthy and successful men in the nation. My view of the geisha is on many different levels. This is because of my view of the women being sold for their virginity but also I am contradicted by the height in which they are seen.


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