You can only feel loss


David Breternitz              


At the temple, there is a poem called ‘Loss’, carved into the stone. It has three words…but the poet has scratched them out. You cannot read ‘Loss’… Only feel it.” – Sayuri


                I chose this topic because I can definitely relate. When I was in 7th grade, my brother had a friend who had committed suicide. I felt bad for him since he was all depressed. I know a loss is a loss, like how you feel when your grandparents pass away, but I haven’t felt anything past that. I didn’t think the hurt inside could be that bad until the summer of my sophomore year. My two closest friends moved away, Steph and Alex. Both of them were struggling with the move – so was I. Alex, however, couldn’t handle it. On July 23rd, my dear friend Alex had committed suicide, 2 days after I had spoken to him on the phone. I was unfathomably devastated. With Steph struggling, my family threatening divorce, and my brother at college, I had nobody to turn to. Though it may have been a little more extreme of a situation than my brother’s, it was then when I understood how he felt. So similar to the quote, you can’t understand loss by witnessing it, you need to feel it in order to know what it’s like. I felt that using an example would be the only way to explain the quote.


4 Responses to “You can only feel loss”

  1. jacjones5 Says:

    I also picked this quote, and i agree with you. I also feel that you don’t really know how its like to lose someone until it happens to you. I think that is why people never know what to say to you when they find out something like this has happened, because they are not exactly sure of how you are feeling. Your story is very sad, and i am sorry for your loss.

  2. johns434 Says:

    I really like this quote also. I watched my grandmother and many family friends struggle and lose to cancer. This quote is really touching and it really symbolizes the fact that you cannot judge a geisha because you have not stepped in her shoes or felt her pain.

  3. jasminebattie Says:

    I like this quote as well, and I think your personal story was sad, but was a good way to associate with the poem. No one can truly say thy knw what a “loss” is until they have felt it. Nothing feels as painful or devasting as lossing something or someone that you truly love. After you lose someone, you can never get them back and that’s the most painul part to deal with.

  4. adammo0230 Says:

    I agree. My best friend committed suicide last summer on June 4th, 2008 a day after i practiced football with him. I would have thought i could have told something was wrong but i can’t say i did. I suppose that’s the hardest part of the whole thing… But anyway i agree that you don’t fully understand something by witnessing, you have to experience. That stands ttrue for many things in life, though, not just death. Happy things too 🙂

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