Skin Deep


“I see now why you like Sumo, you can never judge a man’s power by his appearance alone.”


                This movie, being as we said a “chick flick”, is hard to relate to personally.  This quote, however, I do like and feel as if I can relate to it.  Sayuri uses Sumo wrestling as a way to make an analogy between something visible, something tangibly understandable, and a concept, a deeper fact of life that may be harder to understand.  She states that a sumo wrestler cannot be judged on his ability to win prior to the match based purely off of his physique.  This illustrates the ease in which we as humans judge something at its face value and at the quickest glance instead of correctly appreciating the many factors and variables that go into being successful or in this case, winning the match.  No man is only what his face value would show, there is always something deeper; the variable that ensures success or defeat and relies none nor is affected any by the first, face value judgment. It is that hidden variable that creates champions or allows defeat placed deep within a person’s heart, invisible to the first glance of appearance alone.


3 Responses to “Skin Deep”

  1. Leslie Maple Says:

    I enjoyed the analysis of this quote because before this I had not considered how a guy might view this movie. I agree with explanation of this quote because it can relate to just about everyone. I believe in the same view of not judging someone by their size or standing. Everyone has potential to be something great no matter where they come from or how others see them. Great job!

  2. mrueter1 Says:

    I agree with the analysis that you can’t judge a man correctly based on a first glance or only physical appearance. In an ideal world, this kind of judgement would never happen. People would disregard anything physical and look beneath the skin to see who the person really is. However, I do not think that physical judgement is entirely a bad thing. For instance in a job interview, appearance is a way to make a good impression to establish a reputation as a hard worker or someone who takes their position seriously. So I guess I don’t see physical judgement as a bad thing as long as a first impression or judgement does not remain permanent or set in stone.

  3. dbretern Says:

    I agree with this quote, it goes hand in hand with the “you can’t judge a book by its cover” theme. I get it all of the time when I play Frisbee. You always match up against an opponent who looks like they’re just as athletic or less athletic than you are. I can’t count the number of times that I have misjudged my opponent and gotten blown away.

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