Memoirs of a Geisha



“I could be her. Were we so different? She loved once. She hoped once. I could be her. I might be looking into my own future. Until the real future came falling from the air… [referring to the war]”


Sometimes we overestimate people and fail to realize that the reason why we are angry is not because a person is different from us but because they are the same. Sayuri believes that she and Hatsumomo are more alike than she thought. Both have been forbidden to love and denied a fulfilling, happy life that they desire, that they will choose. Being a geisha isn’t as pleasing to some, as much as it is to others. I see it as more of a punishment than a gift. I would never want to live my life for others. I would want to live my life for myself. I want to live and love and geishas have responsibilities that hinder them for doing these things. Geishas strive for perfection, but no matter how hard you try, no one is perfect. No one can ever be perfect.


2 Responses to “Memoirs of a Geisha”

  1. skeltonkl Says:

    I agree with the idea that i would never want to be a geshia. However, i do give them much respect, due to the fact that i could never devote my entire life to so much perfection. I really like the opening sentence and how it is so honest. Because the truth is the people you get along with the most are those that complete you not those who are just like you.

  2. chrisread1990 Says:

    I think that the point made in this blog is very accurate. To be a Geisha is to devote your life to someone else. You do not get your own life. I agree that most people would not want to be a Geisha, but what we need to realize is, that in their time and culture, it was tradition to be one. The Geishas did it, and they tried to be as perfect as they could because that is what they knew.

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