Memoirs of a Geisha


Glasgow’s Daily Record praised the film, saying the “geisha world is drawn with such intimate detail that it seems timeless until the war, and with it the modern world comes crashing in”.

The Geishas had much to worry about but all of their worries were concentrated in this life that was formed for them.  They had to do everything perfectly and according to the orders of everybody but themselves.  Their concentrated world was like a bubble engulfing them and holding them prisoner.  When the war came about they realized what exactly the “outside” world held.  This of course was quite a shock and partially devastating.  I personally do not necessarily think that I could sympathize with the Geisha or any situation that would resemble it.  Of course I felt pity for them and their predicament, but nothing I have ever done could amount to that kind lifestyle.  They were strong and courageous to make it through all of the pain.  Growing up in a society like that and with the rules, regulations, and strict watchful eyes would certainly pose a challenge for any of today’s generation.


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