Memoirs of a Geisha


“To a man, Geisha can only be half a wife. We are the wives of nightfall. And yet to learn of kindness, after so much unkindness… To understand that a little girl with more courage than she knew, would find that her prayers were answered…can that not be called happiness? After all, these are not the memoirs of an empress, nor of a queen. These are memoirs of another kind.” (Sayuri)


It was very interesting to me how she separated herself from other kinds of women from the get go such as the queen and the empress. This is a quote to me that kind of lets the viewers know that this is not a happy story. For example the diction unkindness, nightfall, and half a wife create a negative tone. This quote represents the geisha as a whole.  The Geisha as a whole, through this quote, is a little girl that has struggled through her life to find happiness in the only thing she can, being a geisha. This quote doesn’t glorify being a geisha it just portrays it as an outlet for a woman who has nothing else. Not everyone is able to be a princess or a empress, normal women have struggles through which things are learned such as courage.


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