“At the temple, there is a poem called “Loss”, carved into the stone. It has three words…but the poet has scratched them out. You cannot read “Loss”… Only feel it.”

I think that this quote applies to everyone.  Everyone has experience some sort of loss in their lives, and it is very hard to describe that feeling.  “Loss” is not something that we can write on paper.  No matter how hard we try to describe it, it will never be fully illustrated.  “Loss “is a part of life, and I think that people realize this more and more as life goes on.  “Loss” leaves a whole in the heart and sometimes it can be filled by other people, hobbies, but I think that it is always only temporarily filled.  Something makes the mind always go back to what one has lost.

2 Responses to ““Loss””

  1. A Monterrubio Says:

    I agree that no one can truly understand the meaning of the word “loss” until one experiences it. Although this word is only four letters long it has a deep and painful meaning behind it. It is true that one’s loss can be never be completely forgotten even though other people or things may help ease the hurt. One must experience the emotion before knowing the meaning of the word “loss”.

  2. meier1 Says:

    I agree with that. I think the fact that no one is like the one you lost makes it impossible to forget. Besides, as people we tend to make anything that destroys part of us never leave our memory while the good things that warm our heart we let fade.

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