Age wrinkles the body. Quitting wrinkles the soul.


“We don’t become geisha to pursue our own destinies.  We become geisha because we have no choice.” – Mahema


In my opinion, this quote is sort of a lack of perseverance.  The women who become geisha seem to give up any chance of becoming a normal person too soon in life.  One may argue that they become a much more successful person as a geisha, but I don’t see it as a last resort.  These women just gave up on life.  Although in Memoirs of a Geisha,  Sayuri finds herself as a person once her days a geisha end.  She finally confronts the chairman about her feelings.  How she has been seeking him ever since she was very young, somewhat immoral in the eyes of Americans, but not in Japanese culture.  She made a life for herself once the war began even though it was boring.  During the war, geishas became known as the prostitutes for American soldiers and this was unacceptable to Sayuri.  I saw it as her finding her destiny in being a true geisha.  She greatly desired to re-introduce the former geishas to the Americans.  Change the stigma behind them from prostitution back to being artistic human beings.  Mameha was wrong in this quote.  To me, this movie was means to prove that there is no end to the pursuit of finding ones own destiny.


3 Responses to “Age wrinkles the body. Quitting wrinkles the soul.”

  1. chrisjohnson09 Says:

    On the topic of destiny is it you who finds destiny or as i belive destiny finds you. And what if your destiny was to be a geisha and that is what Mameha is saying that those who are geisha were ment to be. That because of their different talents and abailities they are making the world a better place by thier atristic abaility.

  2. mrueter1 Says:

    Very well said. I had not considered the fact that this quote contradicts what the whole movie is about. This movie depicts the courage and perservearance of a young girl and in the end she comes out on top. But this quote is just one of the obstacles that Sayuri has to overcome. Sometimes negativeness is harder to overcome than something physical. Sayuri’s courage and persistance is one of the reasons that she is such a well loved character.

  3. chrisread1990 Says:

    I agree with what was said here. Sure, the geishas don’t have a choice, but for some, it was an honor to be a Geisha. Geishas might have been seen as prostitutes for the Americans, but for them, it was a way of life.

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