• No man would ever bid so much for a thing he had already taken.

• It is not for Geisha to want. It is not for Geisha to feel. Geisha is an
artist of the floating world. She dances. She sings. She entertains you.
Whatever you want. The rest is shadows. The rest is secret.

Both of these quotes stuck out to me, they both seem to be linked together. The
second one describes what a geisha does and how they are portrayed. Geishas
aren’t necessarily thought of as prostitutes, but in general they give a
gentleman company or attention he may need. However, in the movie some men
tried to abuse this policy and take what wasn’t rightfully theirs. They wanted
to take the woman’s virginity. After spending a lot of time with each man some
would just assume that she was “impure.” This is where the first quote caught
my eye. It shows how women can stay honest, because it is a true fact that her
gaining such a high bid is proof that she wasn’t the prostitute. She was just a
girl who truly wanted to be a geisha.

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