Alex MacAllister

Quote analysis for Blog

English 106

Rene Harrison


                Now I understood the thing I´d overlooked; the point wasn´t to become a geisha but to be one. To become a geisha…well, that was hardly a purpose in life. But to be a geisha… I could see it now as a stepping-stone to something else.


                Sayuri is talking here about how becoming a geisha is not what one does, you have to adopt and live as a geisha; it is not a job that you do from 9 – 5 or something like that. It is something you form your life around, and just be a geisha, all the time, whether you are performing or not. It’s like being a priest. A priest doesn’t just believe in god and act like a priest while he is in church or doing religious duties, but all the time (hopefully) and is serving and acting for God in everything that he does. A geisha is the same, but without a necessary religious aspect. Sayuri doesn’t even see being a geisha as a lifestyle, though. She sees it as merely a tool that she will use in order to get closer to the chairman. But she does adopt the lifestyle and all of the aspects of being a geisha in the process, but only because she has to. She can’t just take the parts of being a geisha that are important for when they perform, such as learning to dance and how to dress etc… she still does the unnecessary things, like going to learn under Mameha, she could have done fine without her. Sayuri also sees being a geisha instead of becoming one as a stepping stone towards entering the life and lifestyle that the chairman has, to be one of the wealthier and more powerful people in the community.

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