The Heart Dies a Slow Death


The heart dies a slow death, shedding each hope like leaves… Until one day there are none. No hopes. Nothing remains

                This quote means to me that hope is what keeps the heart going and without it there is nothing worthwhile. This concept, though I have never been to that point, is a logical idea to me because what else keeps us going but hope for better. In the movie or even in our everyday lives why else does anyone work hard or try improving themselves, but hoping the next day will be better than the one before it. Why else are we slaving away at college for four or more years but hoping in the end life will be better because of it. Hope can also be a cruel and evil thing that if one is given false hope it crushes down on them leaving them lower than before.  In Memoires of a Geisha the protagonist at first had no ambition to be a geisha till she met the chairman. This was the turning point of the story giving her hope that dream to chase and pursue.  This is imperative in any life story because if you don’t know what you want and are willing to work for you will never make it very far because you don’t know which direction to set off in. The movie covers many “racy” issues such as a comparison of a prostitute and a geisha. This is an issue in its self because by our society selling your virginity for a large sum of money is absolutely profane, but how can we judge their culture by our rules. How judgmental can I be of something that is an accepted custom somewhere and has been going on for ages.


2 Responses to “The Heart Dies a Slow Death”

  1. jasminebattie Says:

    I agree with this blog and quote. I think that we live through our hopes and dreams and without them we have nothing to go on or keep us moving. The heart slowly dies without hope because we have nothing to look forward to, nothing to base things on. What does our future hold if we have nothing or no hope to go on?

  2. dbretern Says:

    Well said. Sometimes I get that feeling too, where you just want to give up because there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. I believe that the main motivational tool is the reward for completing something. Without that reward, there’s really no point in going on.

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